From August 30 until August 31 an anti-fascist festival in Zürich
takes place and we would like you to be part of it.
With this festival we send a strong signal against the advance
of fascist forces, which are currently present in various regions of our world.
Right wing parties are part of parliaments and governments,
they are showing presence on the street and they display an
increasingly well-webbed international network.
The result is a climate of hatred and violence against immigrants,
LGBTQ, ethnic minorities and many others.
Making public statements, which would have been scandalous 10 years ago, are now normal.
In Brazil with the government of Jair Bolsonaro, a fascist regime has claimed power;
in Europe, the borders are being militarized and right wing politicians
are becoming ever more harsh against refugees.
Italy’s minister for interior affairs is already calling for ethnic cleansing.
This list goes on and on.
We cannot sit and watch this development spread all around us.
History has taught us what fascist movements can lead too.
Society is getting increasingly ruthless and solidarity is
increasingly lost – this has to be fought against.
We make a statement for an open society with strong solidarity.
We know that in all parts of this world there are still people who oppose this negative development.
We stand with them side-by-side.
This festival represents solidarity and will send out a signal against right-wing movements.
All proceeds of the festival will go directly to organizations who help refugees.
Amongst others, we will be supporting Iuventa Crew,
which actively participate in the rescue efforts in the Mediterranean sea
and are being criminalized by the Italian government.
We aim to have mainly political artists on stage so that the festival is fun and combative.
We will be focusing mainly on hip-hop acts but there will be other bands too
the line-up is diverse.
Besides concerts and turntablism there will also be workshops and informative talks.
The festival will take place in the KOCH-SQUAT, currently the largest squat in Switzerland.
Since its early days the Koch-squat has been a lively place for non-commercial sub culture,
offering rooms for concerts, housing, workout rooms, movie theaters and much more.
The cultural events here rely entirely on volunteer work – the prices should be affordable for everyone